This is the story of teachers coming back

Normally there would have been a Back to School Breakfast hosted by the PTSA.  There would have been a sign-up genius and you could have brought a dozen bagels or some tubs of butter or some juice.  The teachers and assistants would have gathered together to eat and talk before settling into a day of meetings and setting up classrooms.

When our teachers finally get to come back to Whitman, they won't be able to eat together. And we can't send in food to be shared on a community table.  But, we can continue the spirit of the gesture, a recognition of their dedication.  This year we would like to cater individual lunches from Panera for the teachers and assistants.  Simple bag lunches of a sandwich, chips and cookie.  It is a small gesture of gratitude that will mean a lot.

Many of us may not be in a position to contribute in this way, at this time.  We know you will reach out with words of support for our teachers.  But if you are in a position to contribute please consider donating today.  

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